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IRATA Rope Access Refresher Training​ By Hightech Industrial Access

IRATA Rope Access Refresher Training


If you haven’t been on the ropes for a while then refresher training is a great way to get back up to speed.

Working at Height Course Module 2


Working at Height training is essential if you engage in any activities that require you to work, supervise, plan or organise work at height.

IRATA Rope Access Course By Hightech Industrial Access

IRATA Rope Access Course Level 1, 2 & 3


IRATA Rope access courses are accredited by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. You will work on the skills for a certification needed for an entry-level (Rope Access Level 1, intermediate (Rope Access Level 2) and advanced (Rope Access Level 3) roles within the rope access industry.

With three levels of IRATA Rope Access Courses to choose from, we can help you to progress to the next stage in your career – and climb the next rung on the rope ladder.

Rope Access Night Course


The nightshift course is for IRATA levels and it has the same course criteria as our ‘Rope Access Level 1, 2 & 3’ course. However this course will take place over the hours 17:00 to 21:00 and will run for 2 weeks.



Week 1
Mon – Fri: Training and Theory



Week 2

Mon – Thurs: Training and Theory


Either Friday or Saturday daytime assessment, dependant on assessor.


The nature of this course is to accommodate those who cannot take the time off work.


Why Choose IRATA

IRATA companies complete their work with confidence and assurance, the certainty of expertise and the value of a service that has proved itself around the world. The training given to IRATA technicians follows a strict work based syllabus that delivers highly committed personnel who are determined to deliver safe working. Those conducting the training are rope access experts, not general work-at-height instructors, and have many years of experience.


IRATA is the most recognised professional global authority in industrial rope access with member companies in every continent and qualified technicians in over 50 countries. The Association is at the forefront of developing and diversifying rope access as a work solution and progresses its two-rope, safety first methods into new regions every year.

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