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Supplying Fabric Maintenance Services Across the u.k.

Fabric maintenance is critical for keeping your structure functional and safe, while also preserving its aesthetic appeal. At Hightech Industrial Access, our in-house industrial services team provides Surface Preparation, Linings, Coatings, Insulation, and Passive fire protection services across the U.K..

Hightech Fabric Maintenance Services

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Industrial & Commercial Coatings

With our extensive experience in industrial projects, we know that industrial coatings and specialty linings considerably improve lifecycles, minimise future maintenance requirements, improve asset integrity, and, as a result, lower operational and asset lifetime costs.


Hightech Industrial Access provides a complete range of services, including erosion, abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistant coating systems. We have the experience, skills, and expertise to apply any coating, to any surface – whether that surface has been pre-prepared or not.


From surface preparation to protective coatings and specialised linings, Hightech Industrial Access can deliver the highest standards possible on any industrial or commercial project.

Hightech Coatings Project at AP Yard Newcastle 3
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Thermal Insulation Engineering

Thermal insulation – the covering of boilers, pipes and ductwork with metal cladding and insulating material, is essential in both the environmental and energy conservation process. Our engineers and building insulators specialise in insulating hot pipes, boilers, and vessels to keep heat in, and keeping heat out of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Large industrial projects / Sites

Petrochemical Sites

Oil & Gas Platforms

Marine Vessels





We work with specially engineered materials and processes which not only reduces your carbon footprint, but can increase performance, comfort, safety, and lower energy bills.

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Fire Proofing

Effective fireproof coatings can save lives and prevent a significant amount of loss and/or damage in the event of a fire by protecting the structural integrity. At Hightech Industrial Access, we take fireproofing seriously, ensuring that our fire-resisting coatings are installed properly.


We are experienced in applying protective fireproof coatings in all kinds of facilities such as Manufacturing Spaces, Industrial Warehouses, Petrochemical Sites, and other such Assets.


We can analyse your fireproofing needs and ensure that the correct products and materials are used for your project. Our team of trained engineers and fitters can professionally install the material chosen, ensuring that the result fulfils all codes, regulations and manufacturing requirements.

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