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Supplying engineering services across the U.K.

Hightech Industrial Access undertakes an array of Engineering Trade services, whether it be Mechanical Fitting, Pipe Fitting, Fabrication and Welding, Electrical Engineering, we have the skills knowledge and expertise that can deliver the highest quality service possible. Additionally, Hightech Industrial Access develop comprehensive services that may include engineering, attaining, fabrication, construction, maintenance, and project management, so no matter what stage of the project our services maybe sought after, we will be able to deliver to a standard that’s raised above the rest.

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Bolt Maintenance

Bolt Maintenance comes in many different forms, it can sometimes involve replacing bolts in a flange on a pipeline, it could also involve replacing bolts on an already erected structure, where the bolts have degraded through time. It may not even be in the form of replacing the old bolts, the same techniques are required to be used when handling bolts for Erecting Steel, Installing Pipework, Working on Mechanical Plant etc.


Therefore, due to the complexity of the tasks and how dangerous the equipment can be when used in the wrong hands, as well as to assure we are providing quality assurance, all of our technicians who are involved in some form of bolt assembling and torquing are all MJI Trained. Depending on the specifics of the task and what equipment is required to complete the task, depends on the level of competency required for the technician.

MJI10 allows our technicians to hand torque bolts, using a torque wrench.

MJI11 allows our technicians to assemble and Hand Torque Clamped Connectors, i.e. Grey Lock Clamps and Victaulic Clamps.

MJI18 allows our technicians to Dismantle, Assemble and Tension Bolted Connections using Hydraulic Tensioning Equipment.

MJI19 Allows our technicians to Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque a flange on a pipeline.

MJI20 allows our technicians to Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Clamped Connections, such as grey locks.


All our technicians provide invaluable knowledge and experience when utilising torquing equipment on site, and due to this knowledge, we offer excellent technical support for any form of bolting and assembling on site.


Mechanical Fitting

Most Industrial Sites are of a vast size and scale, where motors, pumps, inspection gauges, etc. can be in difficult to access locations. Therefore, it is often the case that Mechanical Fitters may be required to be Rope Access Technicians who are comfortable at working in suspension while breaking down, repairing or installing large plant or machinery.

At Hightech Industrial Access we only employ Mechanical Fitter Rope Access Technicians who are NVQ Level 3 Mechanical Fitters or a Vocation of a similar level of expertise with the addition of having all MJI Qualifications too. 

Our Mechanical Fitters have the knowledge, experience, and confidence to work on any industrial plant and machinery, as well as being able to confidently read engineering drawings.

Our teams work closely with clients to provide efficient, reliable, and total life-cycle support of crucial flow and manufacturing equipment.


Pipe Fitting, Welding & Tank Fabrication

Our team of experienced, qualified pipefitters, welders and fabrication engineers are capable of all installations – regardless of industry, or the scope of your project – while upholding the highest of health and safety standards.

We service a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Utilities, Healthcare, Fire, and the Food & Drink industries. With the capacity to work to your own drawings, or visit your site to take our own measurements, no job is too big or small.

Chilled water
Hot water
Compressed air
Natural gas

At Hightech Industrial Access, all of our welders comply with the BSEN ISO 15614-1:2017 testing standard – which covers both mild and stainless steel of all sizes. On request, our pipework can be hydraulically tested, and welds NDT tested. Additionally, certification can be supplied for all welders and pipework for full peace-of-mind and traceability.